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Tuesday, May 06, 2014
By Aly

I am a major advocate of getting in the pictures with your kids!  As a mama to 5 kiddos myself, I know that I don't always feel like this is the way I want to look in photos or the way I want to be preserved for all time  :)  I can pretty much guarantee you, when you look back on the images and your kids look back on the images, they won't be looking at your shape or your weight.  

That being said, it's also important to FEEL good when you're getting your picture taken!  To feel good, you've got to dress right.  I've put together a little guide to help you shop for what to wear on your portrait day.  Now, of course, this is just one way to go.  There are thousands of ways to show off that beautiful you and if you ever have any questions or just need someone to bounce ideas off of, call me at 812-890-4980 or email me at  

Don't want to worry about hair and makeup that day?  I've got you covered there too!  Let me know in advance and I'll see that a professional hair and makeup artist is there  (additional charges may apply, depending on any specials going on).....

The following are some options to help flatter your shape and keep you feeling comfortable so you can be in the moment with your family...

Choose your best feature and keep that attire slimming.

Love your legs?  Highlight them in skinny jeans and add layers to your tops.  It might seem counterproductive to add layers to the part you're trying to disguise but not only will it draw attention away from your trouble spots, it will offer options throughout the photoshoot for variety.


slimming layers



I've never seen anybody look anything other than fabulous in a maxi dress!  There are so many options of shapes and colors, have FUN shopping for this one...



Maxi dresses!


Vertical stripes are always a nice, slimming option.  Just make sure the stripes don't overpowr you! Vertical stripes
Blocks of color are a fun way to keep you looking your best and projecting your own style at the same time...  

Color block!



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